A bit about us

Do you want a stunning cake but don’t know where to look?

Look no further — FaRa’s Cake Shoppe is HERE!

My name is Hassrah Mohammed and I am a professional in the industry for over 20 years and you can trust that I will deliver on my promise of a fabulous cake.

Quality is the main focus of FaRa’s Cake Shoppe. Cakes are provided that taste as good as it looks.

Pride is taken on using the finest...



There is no doubt  that teaching  is one of the main services that is offered at FaRa’s Cake Shoppe.

Mrs Mohammed’s area of expertise is in sugar flowers.

Sugar flowers will always be a mainstay in Sugar Artistry, which highlights people’s love of flowers.

To this end, she offers sugar artistry class , the next course is scheduled to begin in June.

The Team

The team at FaRa’s Cake Shoppe are united in ensuring that the job gets done. Be it a cake or a class.

Hassrah Mohammed Sugar Artist/Owner

Hassrah Mohammed is the backbone behind FaRa’s Cake Shoppe. With over 25 years experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

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Cell- 294-1900

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Email- classes@farascakeshoppe.com