It begins with a tear-drop

The basic shape of every flower and leaf that you will make begins with a tear-drop piece of flower paste.

It can be as small or smaller than a pea or as large as a marble or even larger.

What you do with that tear-drop will decide if you create a delicate flower or a leaf blowing in the wind. You can use a dowel to shape a flower or a grooved board to make a leaf.

Whatever you create, you now have to give it movement. As Alan says, you have to give it attitude!

Attitude is what changes your work from being a rigid piece to a flower or leaf that looks as if it’s swaying in the wind.

We all know about the different colours of flowers, have you ever looked at all the different greens of leaves there are?

Right in your garden, take a look. Pick 10 – 20 different leaves and compare.

But did you think that leaves were only green? Oh no, they are not! Check in your garden again
.My garden is a source of inspiration.