Do you want a stunning cake but don’t know where to look?

Look no further — FaRa’s Cake Shoppe is HERE!

My name is Hassrah Mohammed and I am a professional in the industry for over 20 years and you can trust that I will deliver on my promise of a fabulous cake.

Quality is the main focus of FaRa’s Cake Shoppe. Cakes are provided that taste as good as it looks.

Pride is taken on using the finest ingredients, taking care on creating your flowers, to ensure that it is as realistic as possible.

Your cake is not a rush job, rather a creation that reflects the time and dedication that went into it.

Having booked your appointment, your needs will be discussed and a cake will be designed that is reflective of you.

Your cake will be unique, never to be copied.

Support is also provided for the person securing the cake and/or flowers allowing you to sail off into the sunset to enjoy your honeymoon.

Aside from making fabulous cakes, FaRa’s Cake Shoppe is considered to be the top sugar artistry school in Trinidad, with an emphasis on flowers.

Persons come from all corners of Trinidad, to expand their knowledge, allowing them to improve on the services they offer. This is done in a fun filled atmosphere, designed to ensure that the knowledge gained is retained!

As for me, my interest in ‘’cake decorating’’ began in 1989.

I did my first course in royal icing and never looked back. I did several courses after that and was fortunate to be able to study in the United Kingdom under the guidance of some of UK’s experts in the field of sugar artistry.

My areas of expertise are sugar flowers and wedding cakes.

My work has been published in several magazines and newspapers, both locally and internationally.

Some places I’ve been featured are, Design Source, the British Sugarcraft guild magazine, and several local newspapers.

I have won gold and bronze at the Squires Kitchen annual exhibition in Surrey, UK and Cake International competition in Birmingham, UK.

Sugar artistry is more than just a hobby or business for me, it’s a passion.

I thrive on creating new pieces of sugar art for cakes, my students, and for my own personal satisfaction. Pieces are created, unique in flower composition, style and colour for your cake. Your cake will stand out on your special day.

Call us to book an appointment to discuss your needs.