Selecting your cake pans

So let us talk about CAKE pans !
You decided to try your hand at baking, never having done so before in your life.
What’s the first thing you are going to need? Ingredients? No.
You will need cake pans.
Not pans that the batter leaks out from, not pans that wider to the top than the base.
You will need pans that are well made and of good quality material.
There are a few good brands out there. Fat Daddios is the first to come to mind. Wilton is another. Invicta is good but prone to rusting in the tropics, so good care is needed. There are also individuals who make pans locally. The choice is yours.
You have choices in depth. 2, 3 and 4 inches deep. I tend to buy the 4 inches deep since I can bake 2 and 3 inches deep cakes in it. Understand?
Do you buy one pan only? No, you purchase a set of pans. It will be your most basic equipment. A well-shaped pan is the foundation for a stunning cake.
So go brave, buy the best set you can invest in!!!