Wedding cakes are a symbol of unity between husband and wife. The cutting of the cake is among the first acts that they share after the exchanging of the rings.

For this reason, a wedding cake should represent the beauty of the relationship.

At FaRa’s Cake Shoppe, we work diligently on your wedding cake to ensure that is reflected. Care is taken with details, cakes are assembled to ensure co-ordination between cakes and its decorative pieces, such as floral sprays.

Most times, we deliver and set up and liaise with the person securing the cake after the reception as to proper storage.

This removes that responsibility from the bride, allowing her to be stress free and enjoy the first night of her marriage.

Wedding cakes should be booked 6 months to 6 weeks before the wedding, depending on the complexity of the design. This allows us sufficient time to action the necessary steps.


FaRa’s Cake Shoppe accepts on a specific amount of wedding cakes on a monthly basis

In order to ensure that you can have your masterpiece done by us,it is recommended that you book as early as possible.